Way back in the 90’s, I started keeping track of any tips, daily life strategies, or other ideas I really liked by jotting them down in a commonplace book. This started in college (I’m squarely middle-aged now), and I had always planned on collecting them somehow so I could pass them along to my kids or anybody else that might be interested. Fast forward to 2012, and there’s the internet, I’m better at drawing, I just read a bunch of great comics like American Splendor by Harvey Pekar (an obvious influence) and Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud, and I fell in love with the idea of a Nom and Identity de Plum like in Lemony Snickett’s work. Plus I actually have kids. So the result is Tip Time.

I hope some folks find it a worthwhile read, and at the very least my kids will know my thoughts on how to approach a condiment bar and an efficient way to find good parking spaces.

OK, thanks for reading!